The Rocksitters have broken the four day barrier and plan to stay longer…if donations to the handicapped children’s toy library keep coming in.

The sitters have already raised more than $600 for the appeal through the sale of rock shirts and donations.

Minister for Commerce and T-Shirt Sales Lesley Stewart said today the response had been “terrific.”

“If we get enough donations we are prepared to stay another day.”

Commenting on speculations that the Rock may declare independence, Minister for Health and Having a Good Time, Mr Rex Clark said, “We are not prepared to confirm or deny rumors.”

The rock sitting record attempt began on Saturday, and the sitters broke the four-day barrier at noon today.

The eight sitters are Rex Clark, Barry Ledwidge, Chris Payne, Lesley Stewart, Beat Erismann, Maureen Spencer, Lyn Stark and Jan Nystrom.

The group hopes that rock sitting will become a recognised recreation and Health Minister Clark predicted that rock sitting would take over from crazes like skateboards and Boz Scaggs.

Foreign Affairs Minister for the Rock, Mr Erismann, said they hoped branches would now be established on such famous rocks as Ayers and Gibraltar.

In fact, they had a letter from Wellington in New Zealand asking for a copy of the constitution so a branch could be formed over there.

All members of the Rock Sitting clan called on the people of Darwin to rally and support this worthwhile and charitable event.

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