Formerly ratified at a general meeting of the parent Darwin Rocksitters’ Club in Darwin on October 18,1977.

  1. There shall be no funny business on The Rock.
  2. For the purposes of an official Sit-a-thon, a Rock shall be any mass of stone no more than 30 square metres which shall be surrounded by the sea on at least one occasion each day.
  3. No funny business.
  4. A team for the purposes of a Rock-Sit-a-thon shall consist of at least six people, at least one third of whom shall be female.
  5. No funny business.
  6. Each entrant shall maintain continuous personal contact with The Rock at all times during the Sit-a-thon, apart from three periods of no more than five minutes each day for swimming or any other exercise not carried out on dry land (e.g. running on the beach permitted). The integrity of the Rock-sitters is required for exceptions to this rule. For instance, entrants in the inaugural Sit-a-thon were exempted when on dry land while selling T-shorts for charity, going to the loo (not too far!) and chasing off antagonists (the buggers!).
  7. No funny business.
  8. Each male entrant shall consume 16 cans of any full-strength Carlton and United Brewery beer each 24 hours, and each female entrant shall consume nine cans of said beer every 24 hours. This may be achieved on average every 24 hours between contestants of the same sex.
  9. Contestants shall not have the benefit of unnecessary comforts such as cushions, air beds, mattresses etc. Each contestant may have one sleeping bag and one blanket, or three blankets and no sleeping bag.
  10. Contestants must eat.
  11. Guests are encouraged on The Rock, in fact the more the merrier.
  12. No funny business.
  13. A team shall forfeit as soon as one entrant leaves The Rock apart from approved free periods, or for breaches of any of the above rules.
  14. Rules 1, 3, 5, 7, 12 may be abolished at the discretion of entrants any time after the Sit-a-thon begins.
  15. Entrants must enjoy themselves.

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