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Mindil Beach (social) Ice Hockey Club


Reigning world champions

and fiercly proud of it!



The victorious 1995 Christmas team which rendered the Ottawa Senators

redundant with outstanding teamwork, remarkable fittness and an unexpected

heatwave which left the ice a little soft.

3 nil


The June 1997 line up that travelled to Timor and swept aside an undermanned and underskilled

Kupang Cobras in what was an one-sided

whitewash that rarely challenged our skills. With an excess of post-game

energy, the team turned to their 2nd and 3rd loves…. drinking beer and

chasing chooks led by legendary goalkeeper Alfoil Al.

8 nil


.Christmas 1989 and we are left scanning the horizon

for the French Faliques. We waited for the required 5

mins. then went to the pub. Then went to another pub. Then went to another pub.

Then went to another pub. Then went to another pub. Then went to the rock

(see rocksitters). We gave them an eiffel hiding.

4 nil



The traditional victory pyramid after laying waste to an amaturish Edmonton

Oilers whoose underhanded tactics and creative interpretetion of the rules

reduced the game to a spiteful affair of which some team members still

have scars, both physical and mental.

3 nil



Ice hockey is a very dangerous pastime.



After game celebrations following the utter decimation of the Pittsburg Steelers who came into the

match undisputed favourites but were shown the door by what was, I believe, one of our best line ups to


6 nil



A pre-match photo of both the Darwin and Swiss Muhen teams. We were very impressed when a

team actually showed up on time and we excitedly set about line marking, erecting goals and spectator

stands only to discover that they were actually a soccer team. We checked the rule book and after a brief

team discussion it was decided that bugger it we’ll beat the pants off them anyway. Unfortunatly, whilst

these delays were taking place, the bloody ice melted and the match could not take place. We then

challenged them to a game of pool at the closest pub.

1 all



We have a very long and distinguished history.

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