A Rocksitters’ spokesman said last night the sitathon, scheduled to start on October 8, was to put Darwin back on the drinkers’ map.

A newly-formed sitters’ club in Whangerel in New Zealand’s North Island has challenged the four year-old Darwin group to the contest.

The Darwin Rocksitters, who at different times have counted a Crown Law officer, public servants, laborors and just plain, old fashioned drinkers as members, meet on a small rock just off East Point on Saturdays and drink beer.

A spokesman, Mr Chris Payne, said the New Zealand challenge was accepted after an approach through Radio 8DN as a protest at the Ban the Can movement, which had protested about the Can Tiki expedition to Singapore.

Mr Payne said that after they outsat and outdrank the New Zealand challengers, they would organise clubs for Ayers Rock and Gibralta to further promote the beer drinking cause.

“We are not sure the Kiwis will take us on yet. We have sent them off a list of rules, and we will wait to see if they agree to abide by them.”

The Rocksitters will have a wet run this Saturday to see what beer consumption per hour is the minimum feasible for at least a four day stay.

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