Chrissy De BieKikky

Name: Kikky Studdy aka (Chrissy De Bie))
Champion: 1978 8 days

Now married and last heard of living in Sydney give us a call Chrissy love to hear from you and we will update your profile

This is Chrissy De Bie, although , I have not been known by that name for many years now. Only the old friends from darwin I am still in contact with call me Chrissy.

I think it is nice but I am now known as Kiki Studdy . Kiki because it has always been my nickname since I was a child ( don’t know why I ended up Chrissy) and Studdy because it is my married name for the last 22 years….yep , time flies when you are having fun. My husband’s name is John B Studdy No kids, just 2 dogs named Lambchop and Pascal The Rascal, both Bedlington Terriers. We own an 8 acres property on the outskirts of Sydney and we previously lived in Palm Beach and Mosman till we decided to go rural ( I must admit I had to drag my husband to this area) and we built our home we live in now.

I am so looking forward to having Lesley staying with us for a few days, I hope she can keep up after staying with you guys!!

Born:              Belgium 1952

Citizenship:    Australian since 2004 ( 30 years after landing)

Likes: FOOD! WINE! BEER (after a day of hard physical work), girls night out in Sydney, a good party, SHOPPING ( which woman does not?), my gym room ( when I get there), my home theatre( am always there) , and my friends ( all binge drinkers my husband says…..)

Dislikes: PURPLE, the colour…everything was purple when I arrived in Darwin in 1974……. SNAKES  (none authorised on this property, got to protect my dogs), red headed women ( cant be trusted ) , swimming ( I will dive 45 metres but do not make me swim!)