Welcome to the Darwin Rocksitters Club Established in 1974, still sitting every Saturday East Point Reserve Darwin NT Australia 6pm onwards BYO.

What is Rocksitting?

Rocksitting evolved from the great Darwin tradition of sitting down and having a few beers with ya mates. Back in 1974 a group of journalists  gathered at East Point Reserve on a Saturday afternoon to sink a few tinnies (cans of beer), spin a few yarns (tell a story) and watch the brilliant Sun set over the Arafura Sea.

Needless to say this became a regular event and the Rocksiters club began. Religously Rocksitters gathered every Saturday at East Point Reserve and continued to consume copious amounts of amber fluid, they came from far and wide once hearing of this guzzling group and eagerly joined the ranks to share their tales and views.

What made Rocksitting so unique was that due to Darwins 7 metre tides the “Rock” would be a metre underwater at high tide, this ensured that only the hardiest of drinkers would earn the right to become a Rocksitter!

Want to contribute?

Now we have a great website created by Sambo at Digital Mojo we have the scope to add all your rockabillia you have hidden away, we would love to hear your stories publish your rock related photos and update our rocksitters profiles. Just send them to our contact to share your pics and stories or just to keep in touch.

How some people see Rocksitting!

A rollicking rocking sport rock’n along – it’s the latest craze

You’ve got to see it to believe it


Official rules for a rock-sit-a-thon